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Angel Connection

Connect with the Entities of Light, creating an extraordinary spiritual experience and life changes.

A Color Light Bed, sometimes also called an advanced chromo-therapy machine is a spiritual treatment device that uses colored light beams focused at your chakras or energy centers through seven very pure quartz crystals. The alternating lights produce a balancing effect on your energy body. While you are receiving this external assistance to stay in balance, the benevolent spirits of the Casa de Dom Inacio can complete a deep healing in the form of physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

Energy healing is effecting, regardless of religion or belief system.
The only request is that the receiver is open, allowing permission for any such help.
Personal willingness is of upmost importance for results.
“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right.” Henry Ford
Crystal Bed
With a receiver's permission, the Energies on the physical, mental and celestial levels to create opportunities for healing, growth and change. Also called a psychic surgery,  there is no pain, no medication and no contraindications.

Many share a common sensation of wholeness, connection and unconditional love.
Some share experiences of visions, messages, clarity and focus.
Universal wisdom, Re-connections, Shamanic Messages and Astral Projections have also been shared.
Each session is an individual spiritual experience.
They may be shared with others or kept private.


What are your colors and what do they mean for you?

Book your Aura Photo and Color Reading today to find out. 

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$98 New
$78 Followup


$178 Tx with 2 Photos

Aura Photos
Color Readings

$50 Each Photo

Auricular Therapy



$50 Scan
$78 Scan with Tx

Chinese Medicine TCM


Cupping Treatment


Angel Connection

$98 for 90 minute
$78 for 60 minute

Dry Needling

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Energy Healing

$98 for 90 minute
$78 for 60 minute


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$98 for 90 minute
$78 for 60 minute

Intuitive Guidance

$50 for 30 minutes


$98 for 90 minute
$78 for 60 minute


$333 One Session


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