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Jen comes from two lineages of Psychic Mediums. Her Paternal Great Grandfather was “The Seventh Son of The Seventh Son”. This position in folklore is rare and highly regarded as holding special powers. Biblically, Solomon, son of David was bequeathed this honor. For Great Grand, tales have included him spitting on warts to make them disappear and healing injuries with his touch. Jen, herself, was a miracle baby. She overcame complications from extreme prematurity, various illnesses and a developmental disability. Jen was clearly meant to be on earth to assist others in reaching their own version of personal expansion.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Every being holds the gift of clairvoyance in their DNA, Aura and physical bodies. The knowledge has simply laid dormant for many generations. Now is the time where these gifts no longer need to stay hidden out of survival, shame or fear. Spiritual abilities require presence and connection with Source, Spirit and [insert preferred deity name].

Jen has treated pain and stress with good results for nearly 20 years. This is easy but results are not long-lasting when the underlying patterns and conditioning remain. The solution is to support a deeper inner transformation on all planes, reaching far beyond the physical. Over the last two decades, Jen has combined her Master studies in medicinal arts, esoteric wisdom and spiritual practice to create her unique style of treatment. With compassion and truth, she helps neutralize barriers and open channels. The results have been liberating, uplifting, purifying and metamorphic.

​​Jen actively works with patient energy and spirit guides prior to the session and the work often continues following the treatment. This work is necessary and is factored into a fair and sustainable price for service. Jen’s approach can be intense and is not for everyone. Jen sees the best outcomes for those who are ready to truly invest in themselves and have a desire to welcome change. No specific religious beliefs are required; Patient only needs to be open to possibilities of the unknown.​​​​​​​


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